Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the new regulations of the Infection Protection Act, the 3G rules apply nationwide until March 19, 2022.

The entire Space Shack will officially be a 3G Coworking Space from Monday, November 22nd, 2021.

The most important things in a nutshell:

  • Every employer (including self-employed persons and freelancers) is responsible for compliance with the rules.
  • As the operator, we are required to check the evidence for 3G.
  • Office tenants: Please send us the evidence you have collected from your employees
  • Fix / Flex Desk and Business Address Desk: Please present your evidence during our Front Desk opening times (09:00 – 17:00)
  • If the 3 G rules are not adhered to, the affected members must leave the space.

We thank you in advance for your help and appeal to your social responsibility to adhere to these rules.

Our goal is to keep the Space Shack open for you as a safe place.

Here you can find our Covid 19 Concept.

Space Shack building can be entered at any time during the opening hours, Monday to Friday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. Each member with a running contract and personalized access key card can enter to the space 24/7.

Every coworking membership can be canceled or changed monthly, 5 working days before month end. The changes will then take effect the following month. The invoices are always issued withing first 3 calendar days of each month.

Cancelations or changes of a coworking membership can be made per email or on the Front Desk, working days from Monday to Friday from 09.00am till 05.00pm.

For legal reasons, invoices that have already been issued cannot be changed subsequently. If you want to change the billing address or the means of payment for future bills, you can of course do this at any time through member portal ZapFloor, under Billing / Billing entity or send us an email on

Members can use Space Shack as an official business address for a company, to do so every future member needs to come personally in Space Shack.

Indeed, every person who is interested to become a member of Space Shack can take its first visit to our space as a Trial Day. Send us an email announcing your visit or just pop by during Space Shack working hours.



On the main page of Space Shack website, you will find registration form for a Hot Desk, just follow the instructions and in a few clicks, you are going to have your Hot Desk/ Day Pass in Space Shack. 



If you have any troubles logging into your ZapFloor account, please use one of two options Forgot my username or forgot my password.

We offer meeting rooms via our website and for those who are already members via portal ZapFloor. To simplify the processes, we ask you to book the rooms 24 hours in advance. There you will find all information about occupancy and prices. The room is only firmly booked with the confirmation email.



There are few coworking spaces in Space Shack. Members can use it all. The main area, Loud Coworking area is on the ground floor with the access directly from the Lobby area. The Silent Coworking area or Hangout Hub area for quieter work, where each member can choose other to work or just to relax, located on the ground floor and 1st floor.

Temporary phone calls and short meetings are permitted in the “Loud Coworking area”. For longer phone calls there are telephone booths in both coworking areas. The “Silent Coworking area” is intended for quiet work. Telephone calls are to be made in the telephone booths.

The kitchens are to be kept clean. For more information: HOUSERULES

Space Shack has a community kitchen fully equipped with coffee machine, stove, microwaves, kettles, and refrigerator. Space Shack provides free of charge coffee flat rate for each member. Members are responsible for keeping the kitchen clean.

On the ground floor of a coworking spaces there is a printer room, called “Print Pod”.  Space Shack provides toner and printing paper for its members. In general, fair use applies here among all members.

All Space Shack events can be viewed on Space Shack App (IOS)/(ANDROID), Instagram, Slack channel or ZapFloor Community Manager (members platform).