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The SpaceShack in the heart of Berlin offers its members a lot of space to go on new journeys far away from the everyday galaxy and to broaden your horizons. Characterized by futuristic and modern furnishings, abstract and special shapes and colours, there is a lot to discover in the 3,500 m² universe. Discover all our working possibilities. Sitting, standing, or lying- it depends just on you. You need more than a table and want to create your own little galaxy? There are enough team offices, just create your own little coworking space.


You are interested to become a part of Space Shack Community.


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Our Memberships


Choose a coworking workspace instead of just a workplace. Variety is the key here. We have zones for team work, lonely focus, lying with laptop, standing up, silent mode, calls, securely closed work. So how do you want to work today?


Team Office

Team Offices, where you can create your own atmosphere. Start working instantly and accommodate teams of all sizes. All team members have access to all other work zones, create innovative synergies between people and space.

Virtual Office

You don’t need a workplace, but you still want to have headquarters to show your partners. We offer credible address and meeting base that will impress your guests. By the way, our members have discounts for those.

Meetings & Events

Meetings Rooms

Outstanding meeting rooms to ensure meaningful get-togethers with your business partners and team members. With modern equipped interiors, we create inviting venues that encourage collaborative thinking and creativity.

Event Rooms

Innovative events need environment that boosts creativity and make an impression that lasts.

About Us

We have created Space Shack as a lifehub, not just a working space, so that you can live your project, not just work on it. Space Shack is for your curious side. We are proud to connect you to knowledge and people that power your dreams to master the future.

About our Community

Space Shack Community is diverse. We have perfect mix of different businesses, industries, individuals and genders. In Space Shack Community every member could be sure to find perfect match for their company or a team. Recruiting, Media production, Marketing, Design, Publishing, Programing, Financing, B2Bconferencing, Sales, Education, Health care, Coaching, Consulting, Food industry.


We are always happy to hear any ideas and suggestions about Space Shack!


LOCAL BERLIN SPIRIT IN SCHÖNEBERG: Startup vibe is something Berlin is famous for and one of the main reasons the brains from all around the world are heading to the city. The spirit of freedom and creativity is much needed for that vibe to sustain.


Space Shack Coworking is located in Berlin – Schöneberg – a Berlin neighborhood that has a long history of creativity (scientists, singers and artists) and great lifestyle (food streets, parks, architecture), which makes it a perfect base for teams that are building revolutionary products.

Floorplan & Virtual Tour

Space Shack Coworking
Akazienstr. 3a, 10823 Berlin
+49 (0)30 55235449

Öffnungzeiten: Mo-Fr 9-18 Uhr

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