Live & Cowork In The Future


Choose a coworking workspace instead of just a workplace. Variety is the key here. We have zones for team work, lonely focus, lying with laptop, standing up, silent mode, calls, securely closed work. So how do you want to work today?


Team rooms: here you can create your own atmosphere. All team members have access to all other work zones. Team rooms give you maximum freedom.


With a flex desk you can choose your workplace when you come in, based on the tasks you have that day – loud or quiet coworking, separate or as a team, chilling atmosphere or highly concentrated. Choose whatever fits you the most. Fix desk is better for you, if you want to have the same spot every day.


Antidesk is for you, if you don’t need a desk, but want to have a home base. You get access to our community areas, where you can grab a cozy spot or meet partners.

Event venue

Innovative events need environment that boosts creativity. We have 9 rooms for an unforgettable event. The design & set up will make a strong impression on your guests. You can also get equipment and catering

About us

We have created Space Shack as a lifehub, not just a working space, so that you can live your project, not just work on it. Space Shack is for your curious side. We are proud to connect you to knowledge and people that power your dreams to master the future.

We are always happy to hear any ideas and suggestions about Space Shack!


Here are the steps we're taking to keep our community and space safe during the increasing threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19).