live & cowork in the future


Choose a coworking workspace instead of just a workplace. Variety is the key here. We have zones for team work, lonely focus, lying with laptop, standing up, silent mode, calls, securely closed work. So how do you want to work today?


Team room

Team rooms: here you can create your own atmosphere. All team members have access to all other work zones. Team rooms give you maximum freedom.


With a flex desk you can choose your workplace when you come in, based on the tasks you have that day – loud or quiet coworking, separate or as a team, chilling atmosphere or highly concentrated. Choose whatever fits you the most. Fix desk is better for you, if you want to have the same spot every day.


Antidesk is for you, if you don’t need a desk, but want to have a home base. You get access to our community areas, where you can grab a cozy spot or meet partners.

Virtual office

You don’t need a workplace, but you still want to have headquarters to show your partners. We offer credible address and meeting base that will impress your guests. By the way, our members have discounts for those.


Business address

Business address desk gives you an opportunity to have our address as your formal legal address. It also includes such nice things as internal mailbox and a sign.

Meeting room

Meeting rooms are of different style and size. Some are great to meet meet your crew. Others are perfect to present yourself in all the glory to partners.

Mailbox flex

 Mailbox flex gives you both a representative post address and online forwarding service. This way you won’t miss out on an important Finanzamt note!

Event venue

Innovative events need environment that boosts creativity. We have 9 rooms for an unforgettable event. The design & set up will make a strong impression on your guests. You can also get equipment and catering.


Yellow giant

Yellow giant enables both centralized talk and divided group work. It has beamer and futuristic whiteboard panels on walls for a creativity outburst. Your guests will feel like in a spaceship here.


Voyager feels like a boardroom from a scifi movie. It has flexible structure, and you can regroup tables as you wish. Your presentation will look so impressive on the big presentation screen.

White dwarf

White dwarf is very minimalistic with almost nothing to distract your guests from a workshop or presentation. Acoustic panels are all over the walls, so the sound is very comfortable too.

Events for the future

We organize and host events for experts who build the future. If you are an expert, your knowledge is welcome here. If you are curious about the future of business, technology, art and science, you may gain great knowledge at our expert events.


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Meet our members

Explore alien worlds

You feel like an alien to others when you possess expertise in your field. We are proud to have all types of such alien experts at Space Shack Coworking. When you connect with our members, you connect with other dimensions. Our team looks into future forming trends and gathers experts on those topics. Some of the topics are virtual reality, psychology or blockchain.

About us

We have created Space Shack as a lifehub, not just a working space, so that you can live your project, not just work on it. Space Shack is for your curious side. We are proud to connect you to knowledge and people that power your dreams to master the future.

We are always happy to hear any ideas and suggestions about Space Shack!