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Flex desk 24/7

Extreme freedom

  • Flexible desk you choose when you come in
  • Loud or Quiet Coworking, Hangout Hub or Café, Terrace or Community Area – switch between Zones anytime
  • No day limit per month
  • No time limit: access 24/7
  • 6 hours of satellite room

€160 netto per month

Fix desk 24/7

Only yours

  • Fixed Coworking desk of your choice, where you can keep your stuff
  • No day limit per month
  • Access 24/7
  • 6 hours of Satellite room

€250 netto per month

Mini flex desk 24/7

Small portion

  • Flexible Coworking desk (you choose one when you come)
  • Limit of 5 days per month
  • Limit can be extended by buying extra tickets for that month
  • One day counts as entering the space on a calendar date, a new day starts after midnight

€70 netto per month

Night & weekend desk

For a non-standard schedule

  • Flexible desk (you choose one when you come)
  • No day limit per month
  • Access to Coworking on workdays 6 pm to 9 am and on weekends

€90 netto per month

Nomad antidesk

Cozy homebase without desk

  • For those on the run: access to community area and hangout hub. We have lots of cozy areas without desks to work and meet people
  • No desk is included
  • No day limit per month
  • Access on workdays 9 am to 6 pm

€60 netto per month

Workdays discount

Standard working hours

  • All the 24/7 memberships are also available for workdays schedule.
  • Workdays schedule includes access on workdays from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • This discount is not available for antidesk or night/weekend desk.

-€10 netto per month

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