A Greener Workspace


Approximately two months ago, the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit took place in New York. It serves as an important reminder that we are all responsible for adopting sustainable practices. Here are some reminders for our passengers to utilize Space Shack in a more environmentally friendly manner.



1. Separate your waste!

Asides from the trash cans distributed around Space Shack, the kitchen has a yellow bin designated for your plastics and a plastic carton for empty glass bottles. For paper products, there is a large cardboard box in the Print Pod.  





2. Ditch your cars!

Utilize public transportation, bike, or even walk (if in the near vicinity) to Space Shack! We supply racks for those who choose to bike. 


3. Don’t forget our communal kitchenware!

The Space Shack kitchen is filled with plates, flatware, glassware, mugs, etc. for our members’ use. Ditch the disposable takeout containers and coffee cups.









4. Reduce power consumption!

Make sure to put your devices on sleep or power-saving mode if they are not in use. To take it a step further, unplug unnecessary equipment to limit the use of standby power.


5. Take advantage of the fridge in our main coworking space!

We are happy that SpaceShack member SPRK.global stocks the refrigerator with rescued foods from various supermarkets. Food waste is a huge contributor to environmental degradation. Take a quick minute to pick something you’d like before it gets unnecessarily discarded. Learn more about food waste and SPRK.global’s mission here: https://www.sprk.global